Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and conditions represent the rules and regulations for the use of website. By accessing our website we assume that you accept these terms & conditions fully.

Communication Policy:

By providing your contact details to us by any means, you agree to receive emails, phone calls, or SMS from representatives.

Refund Policy: There is no return and refund policy so before going to buy the designs, please read all the necessary details of your plot area as well as description details of your plot based on your area. We are just offering the pre-made designs to our customers. Also for the 3D Design, we have having maximum time limit for this design is approx. 3 to 7 working days so if the user will not get the design in these working days then we will refund their Money.

Local Codes and building regulations:

Every country, state, city, and municipality has its own building regulations, bylaws, zoning requirements, codes, and ordinances. Therefore, your plan may need to be modified to comply with local building requirements. Drawings will be as per By-laws provided by the client and all the responsibility shall lie with him/her only.

Plot size regulations

Customers can buy desired plot size plan on just behalf of their assumption and he/she may be able to customize their plan according to field condition. In our plan, the size given for the column is just for average field conditions and it can be changed by the customer according to load and field conditions on there own. Door and Window sizes are also adjustable by customers according to their own requirements, Dimensions may vary in some cases. Customers can also adjust furniture and Sanitary items as per their requirements, The balcony and cupboard can be adjustable as per field condition, and the staircase width and length are not exact it can be adjusted by the customer as per field condition.

Delivery Policy:


    • Delivery Schedule: After Successful receiving of payment and enough detail of the project from the client or requirement sheet, the Plan will be sent (By Whatsapp/email) within 7 days (Max).

Timely payments:

The drawings will be sent only after successfully receiving the payments as per agreed payment terms.